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Catering Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Drop-Off Orders are available Monday - Saturday

Full Service Event Catering is offered 7 days a week - please inquire for details and availability.

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A note on health and safety precautions:

It has always been our practice to run a squeaky-clean food business. (Frankly, we wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t have exceptional hygiene standards. It’s pretty hard to fool the Health Department.)


That said, we are taking the extra precautions recommended by the CDC and WHO, which means we’ve increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures in our kitchen and at all of our retail locations. As always, staff is encouraged to use their paid sick leave if they have even the slightest hesitation about the state of their health. We take the well-being of our employees, our customers, and our community very seriously and continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 closely.

We are fortunate to have a very large (4000 sq. ft!) commercial kitchen space. In addition to the increased sanitizing procedures we've implemented, our kitchen and delivery teams are spreading their work stations widely throughout the space. We may be shouting to communicate a little more than we we're used to, but hey, it's a little bit of fun, and a little bit of fun is what we all need right now. Our office team is working remotely from home processing orders and will be happy to assist you via email ( should you have any questions at all. Online orders are highly encouraged as this is the fastest and easiest way for our team to quickly process orders. We are running with a small team of key people to minimize contact as much as possible.

We have implemented No-Contact Deliveries. Our delivery team will place your order at your door, ring the doorbell, and stand 6 feet back to ensure you have brought it inside. The team is happy to answer any questions you have at that time. If we do not see you, we will send a text message to the contact number on file to let you know your food is at the door.

Curbside deliveries at Surdyk's Liquor are also available. The team is taking extra precautions at our retail location, sanitizing carts after each use, wearing gloves, and limiting contact as much as possible. Please pull up to the drive-up door at the front of the building, just past the main entrance doors. A Surdyk's team member will come out to assist you. Please let him/her know you are picking up a Surdyk's at Home order and give them your name. You should stay in the car if possible. We are happy to load the order into your trunk or back seat.

Please know we take the safety of the food we are bringing to you extremely seriously. We will continue to provide updates here as they come. 

A note on Surdyk's at Home:


This is uncharted territory for all of us. Thank you for believing in us and for giving this a shot! The kind feedback we’ve heard from many of you has been humbling. We truly have the BEST customers.


All items should be eaten within 5-7 days of receiving your delivery, though some items will easily freeze and can be enjoyed at a later time. There will be an "eat by" date listed on each item. 


If you would like to purchase several care packages to deliver to family and friends, it may be easiest to email us directly so we can be sure to get everyone’s information separately and record a greeting to send along in a handwritten card. We’ll tie it all up with a bow!


We have made the decision to have our office staff work remotely. "Home office" hours remain Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm, and you can expect a swift response to any questions you send our way via our group email account:


Thank you for supporting small business and, in turn, supporting our employees, their families, and our community. It means the world to us, sincerely. We hope these meals bring comfort, joy, and a sense of normalcy to you and your families.

With gratitude,

The Surdyk's Team